Lengkap - Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI 2018/2019

Sahabat Bospedia.com, Kesempatan kali ini bospedia akan membagikan Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI 2018/2019. Adapun sosal yang bospedia bagikan ini terdiri dari 3 Bagian. Perbagian terbagi beberapa soal. Contoh soal yang bospedia bagikan ini semoga bisa bermanfaat untuk menambah wawasan dalam pencarian refrensi bagi Para guru dalam membuat soal nantinya.

Nah Bagi para adik adik yang ingin mencari refrensi tentang soal Bahasa Inggris. Disini boleh adek adek nikmati. Jangan lupa pantau terus artikel bospedia.com Insya Allah akan update setiap harinya.

Berikut ini Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI 2018/2019 bisa di unduh dengan GRATIS di bawah ini :

A. Berilah tanda silang (x) di depan huruf a,b,c atau d pada jawaban yang benar !

1. (Gbr menyapu halaman)
What do you do in the morning?
a. Wash the dieshes
b. Dust the window
c. Sweep the yard
d. Water the flower

2. Do you help your mother everyday ?
a. Yes, i do
b. Yes, i do not
c. No, i do
d. No, i do not

3. "Walk" in indonesia is …
a. Menyapu
b. Berjalan
c. Mengajar
d. Belajar

4. I … the television at home
a. Clean
b. Sweep
c. Watch
d. do

5. Does Rania mop the floor on sunday ?
a. No, she does
b. No, he does not
c. Yes, she does
d. Yes, she does not

6. Ery : What does he … ?
   Kenzo : He drinks a glass of milk
a. Eat
b. Read
c. Drink
d. Mop

7. Denis mencuci baju. In english is …
a. Denis washes the dishes
b. Denis mops the dishes
c. Denis clean the dishes
d. Denis eats the dishes

8. buys - Mery - a new book
Arrange a good sentence is …
a. Buys a new book Mery
b. A new book buys Mery
c. Mery a new book buys
d. Mery buys a new book

9. Wich one of these is not good habbit ?
a. Coming late to school
b. Praying every day
c. Helping mother
d. Going to school on time

10. What is your favourite sport ?
a. I like banana
b. I like sweep the floor
c. I like to play volleyball
d. I like to playing marbel

11. (Gbr main basket)
Romeo … playing basketball
a. Like
b. Likes
c. Play
d. Do

12. W-O-B-L-I-N-G
A good word is …
a. Wobling
b. Wiblong
c. Bowling
d. Lingbow

13. The girls … playing hide and seek
a. Is
b. Am
c. Are
d. Likes

14. (Gbr kerja di kantor)
Anggoro … in the office
a. Drinking
b. Studing
c. Working
d. Walking

15. Susi susanti is my favorite … player
a. Football
b. Basketball
c. Badminton
d. Volleyball

16. Where do you swim ?
a. I usually swim in the yard
b. I usually swim in the pool
c. I usually swim in the ricefield
d. I usually swim in the sky

17. We need these things to swim, except …
a. Goggles
b. Swimsuit
c. Soccer ball
d. Float

18. What does Baron to use play golf ?
a. (Gbr bola basket)
b. (Gbr bola voly)
c. (Gbr bola golf)
d. (Gbr bola sepak)

19. (Gbr kupu)
X : What is that ?
Y : it is a …
a. Duck
b. Cow
c. Frog
d. Butterfly

20. What is your favorite animal ?
a. Cat
b. Milk
c. Sugar
d. Orange

21. (Gbr 3 siput)
X : What are those ?
Y : …
a. Those are four snails
b. Those are two snails
c. Those are three snails
d. Those are five snails

22. Arrange these letters into a good word !
a. Turlet
b. Turtle
c. Rutlet
d. Trutel

23. A … likes banana
a. Monkey
b. Bee
c. Hen
d. Giraffe

24. I put my … in a aquarium
a. Fish
b. Frog
c. Dog
d. Ant

25. It has a big body.
    It can jump.
    It lives on the field and lake.
    What is it ?
a. Elephant
b. Bear
c. Deer
d. Butterfly

B. Fill in the blanks with suitable words !

1. My father … to office every day

2. She … a good score in English lesson

3. X : What … (do/does) he do in the evening?
   Y : He usually playing football

4. The students play football in the …

5. Rafting in Indonesia is …

6. I want to play … . My team consists of six players

7. X : What are these ?
   Y : … six cats

8. Look at the … ! It eats grass. It can run fast.

9. Look ! … (This/These) are dogs

10. The cat in the …

C. Answer the questions correctly !

1. Make a sentence about what you do in the evening !
Answer :

2. Gery : What does your father do ?
   Beny : My father always drives plane and
            He going to another country.
What is Gery's father ?
Answer :

3. Mentions the kind of sport using a ball !
Answer :

4. Mentions three animals that you know for each category !
Answer :

5. Translate these sentence into indonesia !
- Heru swims in the river
Translate these sentence into english !

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