Lengkap - Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2019/2020

Sahabat Bospedia.com, Selamat Sore. Bagaimana nih Kabarnya? Semoga aja Sehat ya. Kesempatan kali ini Admin bospedia.com akan berbagi Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019. Kemaren bospedia sudah membuat soal bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 2 dan 3, kali ini bospedia ada kesempatan untuk membuat soal yaitu untuk kelas 4. Pada Soal UKK ini, bospedia telah menyiapkan 3 Bagian utama. Setiap bagian dalam soal ini terdiri dari beberapa soal.

Lengkap - Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019
Lengkap - Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019

Nah Bagi para adik adik yang ingin mencari refrensi tentang soal Bahasa Inggris. Disini boleh adek adek nikmati. Jangan lupa pantau terus artikel bospedia.com Insya Allah akan update setiap harinya. Dengan Soal Bahasa inggris ini diharapkan bisa membatu para guru dalam mencari refrensi. Semoga Bermanfaat.

Berikut ini Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019 bisa di unduh dengan GRATIS di bawah ini :

A. Choose the right answer by crossing a,b,c or d !

1. Vega has a flag has a flag ceremony in the yard. Today is …
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Sunday
d. Thursday

2. We have … days in a week
a. Eight
b. Nine
c. Six
d. Seven

3. 14th April
Tomorrow is …
a. April the nineteenth
b. April the eighteenth
c. April the fifteenth
d. April the fourteenth

4. It is December the twenty third
The correct answer is …
a. December 20th
b. December 13th
c. December 23rd
d. December 33rd

5. Renata : ken, is it Friday ?
   Kenzo  : … Saturday
a. Yes, it is
b. Yes, it is not
c. No, it is not
d. No, it is

6. If today is Monday, the day after tomorrow is …
a. Tuesday
b. Wednesday
c. Thursday
d. Friday

7. The fourth month of the year is …
a. October
b. April
c. March
d. May

8. Do you have a snake?
a. No, i have
b. No, i have not
c. Yes, i have not
d. Yes, i have

9. Do you agree that bird belongs animal around us?
a. No, i don't agree
b. Yes, i agree
c. Yes, i have
d. No, i have not

10. What do you think of the blue bird?
a. I don't know
b. I think that is a beautiful bird
c. I disagree
d.  That's right

11. Dawin likes a hamster.
The negative form of sentence above is …
a. Dawin don't like a hamster
b. Dawin do like a dog
c. Dawin doesn't like a dog
d. Dawin does like a dog

12. A … walks slowly
a. Snail
b. Horse
c. Zebra
d. Snake

13. The goat … produce an egg
a. Have
b. Has
c. Can
d. Can't

14. Can i … your eraser?
a. Buy
b. Borrow
c. Bring
d. Want

15. I like to make a poem
My hobby is …
a. Writing
b. Swiming
c. Reading
d. Singing

16. Roma : Where do you play football?
    Gino   : i play football in the …
a. Garden
b. Yard
c. River
d. Pool

17. "Bolehkah saya meminjam kelerengmu"
The translation of sentence above is …
a. Lend me your marble, please
b. Do you borrow me your marble?
c. May i borrow your marble?
d. Borrow me your marble?

18. Radit usually goes to the mountain once a month with his friends. He always brings tent. What is Radit's hobby?
a. Dancing
b. Fishing
c. Swiming
d. Camping

19. Tata : Does your brother have scrabble?
    Tono : Yes, …
a. He doesn't
b. He do
c. He don't
d. He does

20. I cannot buy this thing in the shoes shop. It is a …
a. Shoes
b. Sock
c. Rice
d. Sandals

21. Sasya :  … do your bicycle cost?
   Fira   : it costs seven hundred thousand rupiahs.
a. How far
b. How long
c. How much
d. How many

22. Ino goes to … to get a new newspaper
a. Jewelry
b. Bookstore
c. Bakery
d. Clothes shop

23. The pencil is too cheap.
The meaning of "Cheap" is …
a. Mahal
b. Murah
c. Potongan harga
d. Membeli

24. Hana : What are you doing in the … ?
    Fije   : i am looking for the English book
a. Mall
b. Bookstore
c. Drugstore
d. Hospital

25. Galih : How much … those book cost?
    Ratna : those books cost thirty thousand rupiahs.
a. Is
b. Am
c. This
d. Are

B. Fill the blanks with correct answer !

1. This month is may. The last two months is …

2. April-Tomorrow-is-the first
The correct arrangement is …

3. The … has trunk

4. Butterfly can … (fall, fly) in the sky.

5. The bee can produce a …

6. Traditional toys as …

7. Aldo is healthy boy. He likes … He usually goes to swimming pool twice a week

8. Jeni will borrow some books to read. She has to go to the …

9. We can buy … in the fruitstall

10. A : How much is your kite?
    B : it is … (Rp. 5.000,00)

C. Answer these questioms correctly !

1. Mentions 3 months has 30 days?
Answer :

2. (+) Dona likes cow
   (-) …
   (?) …
Answer :

3. Describe about elephant !
Answer :

4. Make 3 Sentence if u wanna bowwor something!
Answer :

5. Where are you going if you wanna this things?
a. Shoes
b. Egg
c. Pencils
d. Bread
Answer :

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