Materi Kelas 4 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "My Hero and Literacy"

Materi Kelas 4 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "My Hero and Literacy" - Adik adik dimana saja berada yang sedang mencari materi kelas IV SD/MI tentang mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris, nah kebetulan kakak menyediakan materi tersebut untuk adik adik, materi ini kakak rangkum dalam pembahasan "My Hero and Literacy" yang bisa adik adik pelajari, selamat belajar . Materi ini bisa adik adik pelajari karena dilengkapi dengan cara Reading, Write, Vocabulary dan Taks yang bisa adik adik kerjakan dirumah. Semoga bermanfaat untuk adik adik Salam pendidikan dari bospedia.com. Semoga bermanfaat.

Materi Kelas 4 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Jobs and Literacy"
Materi Kelas 4 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Jobs and Literacy"


Invisible Hero

This afternoon is very hot. Mr. Amat sells banana weakly but there are still many bananas that he sells. Mr. Amat saw a large tree on the side of the road and he rested under the tree. Mr. Amat drinks water and lies down, soon he falls asleep. In the afternoon, Pak Amat wakes up, his body is refreshing, Pak Amat is sitting under a tree, and thanks to the people who planted this tree. Then Mr. Amat stand up and selling bananas.


Answer the following questions according to the teks!

1. Who is the character in the text ?
Answer: Mr. Amat

2. Where is the place used for rest?
Answer: The large tree on the side of the road

3. What is sold with Mr. Amat?
Answer: Say thank you to the people who planted this tree

4. What does Mr. Amat do when he fell weak?
Answer: He rested under the tree

5. What does Mr. Amat do before leaving?
Answer: Bananas


She is only a mother

When school holidays I walked in the morning around the city park. When I was tired, I sat on the roadside and saw people walk. I always see a mother sweeping away leaves scatterex under a tree. The leaves are swept and collected under the tree.

Sweepers always use white t- shirts, batik sarong, and caping. She also does not use a clothes from the street cleaning service. I thought she was just a mother who cared about the environment. A week later, when I was going to buy uduk rice in a city park. I met a sweeper mother it turned out that the mother was a drink trader in the city park, he sold with her son. She stopped trading to sweep the leaves under the tree.

I am amazed at mother. There is no fee for sweeping along the street, she does it because she care about the environment.


Answer the following questions according to the teks!

1. Where is the place?
Answer: City park

2. What is mother does in city park?
Answer: She Sweeps and sells drinks

3. What is the mother’ job?
Answer: Its job Sells drinks

4. Where does the mother sell drinks?
Answer: City park

5. What is the purpose of mother sweeping ?
Answer: Because mother cares about environmental cleanliness


  • Tak terlihat:Invisible
  • Pahlawan: Hero
  • Panas: Hot
  • Masih: Still
  • Menjual: Sells
  • Lemas: Weakly
  • Melihat: Saw
  • Besar: Large
  • Pohon: Tree
  • Jalan: Road
  • Istirahat: Rested
  • Bawah: Under
  • Penyapu: Sweepers
  • Menggunakan: Use
  • Kaos: T – shirt
  • Sarung: Sarong
  • Caping: Caping
  • Pakaian: Clothes
  • Jalan: Street
  • Mengira: Thought
  • Peduli: Cared
  • Lingkungan: Environment
  • Pikir: Thought
  • Peduli: Care
  • Membeli: Buy
  • Bertemu: Met
  • Ternyata: It turned out
  • Pedagang: Trader
  • Daun: Leaves
  • Kagum: Amazed
  • Gaji: Fee
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