Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "United We Stand"

Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "United We Stand" - Adik adik yang baik, apa kabar? semoga dalam keadaan baik baik saja, kali ini kakak ingin membagikan kepada adik adik mengenai materi yang telah kakak susun, materi ini kakak ambil dari mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dengan pemabahsan "United We Stand".  Materi ini bisa adik adik pelajari karena dilengkapi dengan cara Reading, Write, Vocabulary dan Taks yang bisa adik adik kerjakan dirumah. Semoga bermanfaat untuk adik adik Salam pendidikan dari bospedia.com. Semoga bermanfaat.

Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "United We Stand"
Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "United We Stand" 


Sang Saka Merah Putih

Sang Saka Merah Putih is designation for the Indonesian national flag. Red means brave, and white means holy. The flag of the inheritance was made by Mother Fatmawati, in 1944. The flag material made of Japanese cotton with a size of 276 cm × 200 cm. From 1946 to 1968, the flag is only raised on every birthday RI independence. Because of his old age, the Saka Merah Putih was last fluttered in 1969. the flag were kept at the National Museum. The government then makes an duplicate flag.

BM Diah and Original Proclamation Manuscript

The text of the proclamation was originally written by Soekarno, then typed by Sayuti Melik to look neat. The original text later dumped in the trash. One of the youths who attended the preparation for the Proclamation Independence is BM Diah. He took the original manuscript from the barrel garbage and stored it. He considered that the text had high history. The original manuscript stored by BM Diah for 46 years 9 months 19 days then returned to the Indonesian Nationon May 19, 1992 and handed over through President Soeharto. Manuscript it was then stored by the National Archives. BM Diah's decision to save the original manuscript was very precise. All Indonesian people up to now can enjoy the manuscript original proclamation and learned a lot from the incident at that time.

Rice Conch or tutut

Rice conch or tutut live on shallow waters mud. Rice conch is a lot of life in rice fields, swamps, lakeside, and the edge of a small river. The rice conch fields are useful for clean moss in fish ponds. Conch clears moss or grass that usually grows floating on the water.


Answer the questions below properly and correctly

1. When was the Sang Saka Merah Putih flag made?
Answer: 1944

2. Who is the maker of the Red and White Sang Saka flag?
Answer: Mrs. Fatmawati

3. What is the original size of the Sang Saka Merah Putih flag?
Answer: 276 cm x 200 cm

4. Who is the young man who took the original proclamation text in the trash?
Answer: BM Diah

5. What is the Indonesian national flag?
Answer: Sang Saka Merah Putih

6. How long has the proclamation text been kept by BM Diah?
Answer: 46 years 9 months 19 days

7. When was the original of the proclamation returned to the Indonesian Nation?
Answer: May 19, 1992

8. What is another name for rice conch?
Answer: Tutut

9. What are the benefits of rice conch in a fish pond?
Answer: To clean moss in fish ponds

10. “ Shallow” in Indonesian language is ...
Answer: Dangkal


  • Penunjukan: Designation
  • Bendera: Flag
  • Berani: Brave
  • Kapas: Cotton
  • Dibesarkan: Raised
  • Kemerdekaan: Independence
  • Pemerintah: Government
  • Menggandakan: Duplicate
  • Mengetik: Typed
  • Sampah: Trash
  • Telah tercapai: reached
  • Naskah: Manuscript
  • Dikembalikan: Returned
  • Ditangan: In hand
  • Disimpan: Saved
  • Benar: Right
  • Keong sawah: Rice Conch
  • Dangkal: Shallow
  • Lumpur: Mud
  • Rawa: Swamp
  • Mengambang: Floating
  • Persiapan: Preparation
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