Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Business Around Me"

Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Business Around Me" - Halo adik adik yang baik pada kesempatan kali ini kakak ingin membagikan kepada adik adik mengenai materi yang telah kakak susun, materi ini kakak ambil dari mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk adik adik yang duduk dibangku kelas VI SD/MI dalam pembahasan mengenai "Business Around Me".  Materi ini bisa adik adik pelajari karena dilengkapi dengan cara Reading, Write, Vocabulary dan Taks yang bisa adik adik kerjakan dirumah. Semoga bermanfaat untuk adik adik Salam pendidikan dari bospedia.com. Semoga bermanfaat.
Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Business Around Me"
Materi Kelas 6 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Business Around Me" 


Batik Exports Continue to Increase

The Ministry of Industry targets batik product exports until 2019 to reach US $ 1.5 billion (around Rp22.07 trillion). Based on data from the Ministry of Commerce, export of batik products tends to increase every year. In the period from January to April 2015, the export value reached US $ 81.8 million (around Rp1.2 trillion).

Exports in 2014 reached US $ 340 million (around Rp5 trillion). The amount was increased by 17% compared with exports in 2013.

Indonesian batik has been exported to various ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. Besides that, it is also for America, Europe and Australia.

Kasongan Bantul Pottery Exports Billions of Rupiah per month

Crafters at the Kasongan pottery and ceramics center, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, is capable of exporting various kinds of crafts. The export reaches 80 containers per month or equivalent to around 6 billion rupiah. Various exported pottery crafts include bandaged jars with shells and glass, statues, outdoor decorations with various model, and the pattern of development.

The Kasongan craft center has hundreds of artisans spread in five rural area, with around 200 export quality craftsmen, including five large scale craftsmen. In the period 2008 to 2010,the export of handicrafts indeed tended to fall, especially to America and Europe, but starting in 2011 and afterwards exports began to increase and even began to spread to Australia and parts of Asia.

Product Packaging

For centuries, the function of a package was limited to protect goods or make things easier to carry. Along with the times, there will be additional functional values. In the 1980s, competition in the business world became increasingly sharp. Here, packaging must be able to "persuade" consumers.

The role of packaging functions in general is:
  1. Protect and preserve the product. For example, protect from ultraviolet light, heat.
  2. As a product identity. In this case, packaging can be used as a communication tool for a particular image to consumers through labels.
  3. Increase efficiency. That is, it makes counting, shipping and storage easier.

In the economic diversity that surrounds us, making packaging interesting and safe for consumers is the responsibility of an entrepreneur.


Amswer following questions properly and correctly!

Answer: _________________________________________________

1. In 2014 what percentage of batik export increased?

2. Indonesia exports batik to countries ...
Answer: Malaysia, Singapore, America, Europe and Australia

3. What the pottery crafts are exported?
Answer: Jars wrapped with shells and glass, statues, outdoor decorations.

4. Indonesia exports earthenware crafts to countries ...
Answer: America and Europe have even penetrated into Australia and Asia

5. The general packaging function is ...
Answer: To protect the product, as a product identity, and increase efficiency


Meningkat: Increase
Tercapai: Reached
Sekitar: Around
Cenderung: Tends
Dibandingkan: Compared
Diekspor: Exported
Negara: Countries
Pengrajin: Crafters
Tembikar: Pottery
Mampu: Capable
Setara: Equivalent
Termasuk: Include
Dibalut: Bandaged
: Surrounds
Pola: Pattern
Area pedesaan: Rural area
Memang: Indeed
Cenderung: Tended
Skala: Scale
Mulai: Began
Sebar: Spread
Pengemasan: Packaging
Bawa: Carry
Mudah: Easier
Tambahan: Additional
Membujuk: Persuade
Pengirimiman: Shipping
Perbedaan: Diversity
Guci: Jars
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