Lengkap - Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI Semester Genap Terbaru

Bahasa Inggris adalah mata pelajaran wajib bagi setiap sekolah, baik itu SD, SMP maupun SMA. Nah kali ini admin bospedia akan berbagi soal tentang UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI Semester Genap. Kemaren sudah admin bagikan soal Bahasa inggris untuk kelas 1,2 maupun kelas 4. Soal yang admin bagikan ini terdiri dari beberapa bagian, nah setiap bagian admin sisipkan beberapa soal. Semoga bisa mengerjakan yaa adik adik.

Lengkap - Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI Semester Genap Tahun 2018/2019
Lengkap - Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI Semester Genap Tahun 2018/2019
Nah Bagi para adik adik yang ingin mencari refrensi tentang soal Bahasa Inggris. Disini boleh adek adek nikmati. Jangan lupa pantau terus artikel bospedia.com Insya Allah akan update setiap harinya. Dengan Soal Bahasa Inggris ini diharapkan bisa membatu para guru dalam mencari refrensi. Semoga Bermanfaat.

Berikut ini Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/MI Semester Genap Terbaru bisa di unduh dengan GRATIS di bawah ini :

Name :

Class  :

Value   : A+      A      B+    B-    C     D

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) the letter a,b,c or d !

1. ... the. Window, please!
a. Dust
b. Water
c. Wash
d. Sweep

2. A : Does Dido go to school in the afternoon?
B : No,...
a. She does
b. He do not
c. He does not
d. She doea not

3. (Gbr ibu menyapu)
What does your mother do ?
a. My mother teaches her students
b. My mother Washing the dishes
c. My mother Sweeping the floor
d. My mother watering the floor

4. Alicia does her homework at...
a. Morning
b. Night
c. Afternoon
d. Sunday

5. Fania memiliki sebuah bola
In English : ...
a. Fania sees a ball
b. Fania kicks a ball
c. Fania has a ball
d. Fania makes a ball

6. Sonia ... a book in the library
a. Eats
b. Reads
c. Buys
d. Plays

7. The word below is our daily activity, it is...
a. Beautifull
b. Sick
c. Write
d. Hungry

8. Kevin : What does he do ?
Ken : He ... the blanket
(Gbr mwrapikan tempat tidur)
a. Dishes
b. Folds
c. Mops
d. Sweeps

9. Kenzo always prepares the book.
In Indonesia :...
a. Kenzo selalu menyiapkan bukunya
b. Kenzo selalu membuang bukunya
c. Kenzo selalu meninggalkan bukunya
d. Kenzo membawa bukunya

10. Wich one of these following is a good habit ?
a. Coming late to school
b. Playing all day
c. Going shopping
d. Helping parent

11. The teacher ... the student patiently
a. Studies
b. Teaches
c. Writes
d. Goes

12. My aunt ... delicious food for her family every day
a. Plays
b. Cooks
c. Eats
d. Mops

13. Jogging is my hobby. Every Sunday morning, I ... in the park to enjoy the fresh air there.
a. Works
b. Walks
c. Rides
d. Reads

14. B-b-a-s-l-e-l-a
Arrange into a good word !
a. Baseball
b. Basketball
c. Football
d. Badminton

15. We need these things to play football, except...
a. Swimsuits
b. Sport wear
c. Soccer ball
d. Sport shoes

16. Deny is swimming in the...
a. Yard
b. Pool
c. Field
d. Garden

17. I feel ... afterdoing sport. I have a healthier body.
a. Hungry
b. Angry
c. Fresh
d. Tired

18. What the correct arrangement ?
a. She plays Tuesday every baseball
b. She plays baseball every Tuesday
c. She every Tuesday baseball plays
d. She plays Tuesday every baseball

19. They ... playing soccer in the schoolyard.
a. Is
b. Am
c. Are
d. Were

20. A : What is your favorite sport?
B : My favorite sport is...
a. Reading
b. Swimming
c. Weekends
d. Schoolyard

21. (Gbr bola golf)
What sport do you like? I like ...
a. Football
b. Volleyball
c. Golf
d. Basketball

22. You can play badminton by using a ...
a. Gloves
b. Ball
c. Racket
d. Stick

23. He is ... every morning in the park.
a. Jogging
b. Swimming
c. Football
d. Basketball

24. We go ... in the river
a. Cycling
b. Rafting
c. Running
d. Jogging

25. Wich one the picturea that can used for swimming?

B. Fiil in the blanks with the suitable words !

1. What ... (do/does) she do in the morning?

2. They always ... television in the evening.

3. (Gbr nyiram bunga)
... the flowers, please !

4. I ... a letter for my grandmother.

5. Bring in indonesia ...

6. You need a racket to play ...

7. We ... (like/likes) to play tennis.

8. They ... playing soccer in the schoolyard.

9. The student play football in the ...

10. A ... team has five players.

C. Answer the questions below correctly !

1. Mentions 3  activities that you do every morning !
Answer :

2. Arrange the words into a good order !
Answer :

3. Translate this sentence.
"I always sweep the floor in the morning"
Answer :

4. Mention the things you need to go cycling !
Answer :

5. Mention three places for practicing sport !
Answer :

                ~ Good Luck~

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