Lengkap - 50+ Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Genap

50+ Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Genap - Halo adik adik, sudah mau masuk Ujian Kenaikan Kelas ya? nah pada kesempatan kali ini kebetulan kakak telah selasai menyusun soal UKK Bahasa Inggris yang siap dibagikan kepada adik adik kelas X SMA/MA, soal ini sudah kakak susun sebanyak 50 buah soal yang mana hanya termasuk soal pilihan ganda saja, untuk soal essay belm tersedia. Semoga dengan soal ini bisa membantu adik adik ya. Selamat mengerjakan!!.
50+ Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Genap
50+ Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Genap

Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA

50+ Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Genap - Bagi Adik adik dimana saja berada yang ingin sekali mempelajari Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA ini, adik adik bisa menguduh materi ini di bospedia dalam bentuk file doc. Berikut ini adalah rincian Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester 2.. SELAMAT MENGUNDUH YAA...

Berikut bospedia memberikan Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA

1. Tulis namamu di sudut kanan atas
2. Bacalah setiap soal dengan teliti.
3. Kerjakan dulu soal yang kamu anggap mudah.
4. Periksa kembali pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan pada pengawas.

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/ Semester : 10 ( Sepuluh ) / 1 (Satu)
Hari/ Tanggal  : ..................................
Waktu   : 90 menit

This text for question 1 to 5 This is Mr. Haryono‟s house. It is big, clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. The  are some plants a flowers in the garden. There is a living room, a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms and a garage Mr. Haryono has same pets, a dog, and a parrot. Mr. Haryono takes care of the pets very carefully.

1. The type of the text is…
a. Description 
b. Recount     
c. Narrative
d. Procedure
e. Spoof

2. What do you call the first paragraph of the text….
a. Orientation 
b. Identification   
c. Description
e. Event

3. The communicative purpose of the text is….
a. to present to point  about Haryono house
b. to explain how Haryono maintains his house
c. to describe the conditions of Haryono house
d. to persuade reader to keep their house
e. Mr. Haryono have some pets

4. the text organization of the text is….
a. identification, description
b. orientation, event
c. identification, orientation
d. general clarification, description
e. orientation, evaluation

5. Mr. Haryono has some pets the are….
a. a cat 
b. a  snake 
c. a boon
d. a kitchen
e. a garden

   The text question 6 to 11 “I have a cat” Spots is a regular house a cat, he is a adorable cat he is orange for with white and black spots black spots. I lake to cuddle him because his for feels soft, every morning I give spot milk, spot does not like rice , 50 I give him cat food Spot is active animal he like to run around the house he like to chase everyone in my house when he feel tired or sleeps on the sofa in the living room or sometime under that table

6. what type of the text above….
a. report 
b. description
c. narrative
d. recount
e. procedure

7. Witch the statement is not TRUE according to the text….
a. spot this likes rice
b. sport his orange spots
c. spot likes to around the house
d. sport usually sleeps on the sofa in the living room
 e. sport is tired

8.  “he likes to chose  everyone in my house” The synonym of the underlined word is….
a. Trick 
b. Catch 
c. Hunt
d. cheat
e. meet

9. What eat the cat….
a. milk and foot
b. rice and vegetable
c. orange and banana
d. all write
e. penaple

10. where the cat is sleep….
a. on the floor 
b. on the fillow 
c. on the table
d. on the chair
e. on the street

11. to tell the condition as what the are  the writer mostly expresses them in /with….
a. passive voice 
b. modals 
c. present perfect tense
d. simple present tense
 e. past tense

12. the generic structure of the text recount is….
a. orientation, complication, event
b. orientation, event, re-orientation
c. orientation, event, resolution
d. orientation, complication, event
e. orientation, re-orientation, event

the text question 13 to 16

13. The genre. Of the text is….
a. Narrative 
b. Procedure 
c. Description
d. discussion
e. recount

14. the text is about….
a. tips to charm a girl
b. how to treat a charming girl
c. tricks to cheat a girl
d. the importance of having a girl
e. making a girl a target of life

15. to prescribe the methods, the writer uses….
a. imperative sentences 
b. simple past tense
c. to infinitive
d. noun clauses
e. simple perfect tense

16. what is the structure of the text above….
a. goal, material, steps 
b. goal, material, event
c. goal, steps, event
d. orientation, event, steps
e. orientation, event, re-orientation

Here are tips on how to charm a girl: first, send her bunch of flowers at least every weekend; second, ring her up every day, at least asking „how are you?; third, try or enjoy what she likes or enjoys; fourth, be frequent to say „I Love You‟ in any chance you are encountering for saying it.

17. What type of the text above?
a. Report   
b. Explanation 
c. Description
d. Narrative
e. Recount

18. The communicative purpose of the text above is ….
a. Tell the readers avout writer‟s holiday in Bali
b. To inform the reader where the Bali is
c. To discuss the writer‟s holiday
d. To amuse the readers by telling the trip to Bali
e. To explain the readers in detail avout the holiday

19. When was the trip happened?
a. Last week 
b. Last week of December 2009
c. Last week of August 2008
d. Last week of December 2008
e. every week

20. Who drove the car?
a. The writer 
b. The writer‟s brother
c. The drove in turn
d. The writer‟s sister
e. The driver

21. Where did they drop first?
a. at Sanur Beach
b.  at their uncle‟s house
c.  at Kuta Beach
d. at Sangeh
e. at Bedugul Lake

22. The first sentence function as ….
a. Orientation 
b. Re-orentation 
c. Complication
d. event
e. a thesis

23. The last sentences function as ….
a. Orientation 
b. Re-orentation
c. Complication
d. event
e. a thesis

24. To tell the condition as, what the are the writer mostly expreses them in ….
a. Vassive Voice
b. Modals 
c. Past tense
d. present tenses
e. direct speech

25. The structure of the text above is ….
a. Orientation, event, re-orientation 
b. Goal, material, steps   
c. Event, orientation
e. orientation, steps
d. identification, resolution

The text for question 17 - 25 My brother, sisters and I went to spend our holiday in Bali. Each of us should ride the car at least three hours. It was the last week of December 2008. we Left Solo on Saturday afternoon. We also didn‟t forget to bring our camera. On Sunday morning we arrived in Gilimanuk. We dropped for one day at my uncle‟s house. They had prepared breakfast when we arrived at his house. We had rice and “ayam betutu”; really It was very hot but delicious. In Monday we went to Dempasar. First we visited “Sanur” beach. As it was still early in the morning we could see  the sunrise. We also prayed some moment on the  sand then we looked for a hotel because we have no relative who stayed there. On that day we also visited “Kuta” beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana” and also “Sukawati” market. We had our lunch on the way when we felt hungry. At night we also enjoyed “Barong” dance. Something that we never forgot was taking pictures at any tourist resort. On the last day we visited “Sangeh”, where we could see many monkeys. Many of them are still wild and they sometimes bite visitor, from here we went straight to “Bedugul” lake, we went around it by a small voat to see some temples at the other side. Unfortunately, it was raining so hard that we all so wet. We changed our clothes there vecause we could also buy clothes at wht shop near the lake. Really it was so wonderful that I promise I want to visit Bali again next time.

The reading text is for number 26-30

June, 3th 2005

Dear Rio

Hi Rio how are you? I hope you are OK.  By the way now I have a computer. My father bought is last month for me. I usually play games in the computer.  I take those picture of cars with the computer. First, I click window explorer. Second, I click word program. Finally, I click paste. Those picture, then, move to my letter as you see now. Of course I need learn more about how to use the computer because I only know a little about it. I don‟t know how to refill it. Write to me as soon as you can. See you letter. Bye.          Sincerely yours.                           Herman

 26. According to the letter ….
a. Rio has more knowledge then Herman
b. Herman is cleverer than Rio
c. Herman and Rio in the same class
d. Rio is as clever as Herman
e. Rio more clever than Herman

27. The way of moving a picture in the computer is shown in ….
a. Paragraph 1 
b. Paragraph 3 
c. Paragraph 2
d. Paragraph 4
e. paragraph 1 and 2

28. Finally I click paste. The similarity of the underlined word is ….
a. At the beginning
b. Formally 
c. the end of the word
d. at last
e. at first

29. Do you know how to refill  it? The underlined word refers to ….
a. Central processing unit
b. Window explorer
c. Catridge
d. computer
e. pictur

30. What does …… hope? He hopes Rio ……. The letter ….
a. Rio/receive/soons
b. Rio/answer/soon
c. Rio/answer/late
d. Herman/ask/late
e. Herman/answer/soon

The reading text is for number 31-45

 Early one morning, Umar was walking to the bus stop to catch a bus to school. A loud screeching noise suddenly pierced the air. Umar realized that there had been and accident. A small boy wos lying unconscious on the road, and the car that had hit him had ready run away.  Umar was confused and the frightened. “ is the boy dead?” Umar asked himself. However, the boy way still breathing. Umar cloud see that the boy had bruises all over his face and arms.  Umar did know what to do. Few cars passed along this road at this time of the day. The nearest house which he could go to for help was his own, but it would take ten minutes to walk there. Umar finally the decided to stay with the boy umtil somebody came by.  Time passed very slowly-so it seemed to Umar. The boy was still unconscious, and umar prayed for the boy to regain consciousnesss.  Umar had a lot to tell to his friends that they at school. All his friends thought Umar was a very brave boy. “ it was an unforgettable incident, wasn‟t it?”They asked him. “ yes it was, “ umar replied. “ it was a terrifyinjg experience, thought!”.

31. Where did the accident happen?
a. At the bus stop 
b. Near umar‟s house
c. Near umar‟s school
d. at the police station
 e. on the way to the bus stop

32. The purpose of the text is to ….
a. Tell a past event
b. Entertain readers
c. Discuss something
d. report a phenomena
e. describe Umar‟s activity

33. Umar and the helpful driver went to the police atation after they ….
a. Stopped the approaching car
b. Reported the accident they saw
c. Brought the boy to the nearest house
d. had seen the injured boy the on road
e. had carried the injured boy to the hospital

34. “ Later the driver took Umar to the police station to report the accident.” ( paragraph 5 ) this part of the text is called ….
a. Resolution 
b. Orientation 
c. Description
d. reorientation
e. an introduction to events

35. what do umar‟s friends think about him ….
a. He is an honest boy 
b. He is a coward boy
c. He is a very brave boy
d. he is a kind boy
e. he is an easy going boy

36. Rindu : “ mom, I am nominated in the singing contest.” Mama : “ great! I‟m really pround of you.” The underlined utterance is an expression ….
a. will 
b. pride 
c. hope
d. plan
e. satisfaction

37. X : “ There will be a party at my house tonight, would you like to come?” Y : “ I‟d love to, but I have an appointment with me colleague.” From the dialog we know that the second speaker … the invitation.
a. Gives 
b. Declines 
c. Takes
d. loves
e. enjoys

38. Raissa : “ I‟m sorry, I can‟t leave now. We have to practice the last part on the drama but we …by six o‟clock,” Rezza :don‟t worry. I‟ll wait until you finished.”
a. Finish   
b. will finish 
c. have finish
d. are finishing
e. will have finishing

39. A : “ you have only a few minutes before the train leaves, or you … it.” B :”Thank you for reminding me.”
a. Might miss 
b. Have missed
c. Are missing
d. have to miss
e. should have missed

40. Ina  : “ what do you think of yourm new red dress?” Eta  : “ ……… it goes with my shoes.” Ina  : “ I think so. You look beautiful on it.” Eta  : “ Thank you.”
a. I am very satisfied with it.
b. I don‟t think so
c. sorry to hear that
d. I don‟t like it
e. It‟s too difficult to do

41. Martin : “ I‟m sure he … be able to do the test well. Because he studied seriously last night.” David : “ I hope so”.
a. Can not 
b. Could have 
c. Must not
d. might
e. will

42. A : “ …………?”
B : “ He work at a foreign company.”
a. Where is he work
b. Where did he work
c. Where do he work
d. where does he work
e. does he work at a foreign company

43. Teacher 1 : “ did you see the head master?” Teacher
 2 : “ yes, he … in the library now.”
a. Reads a megazine
b. is reading a magazine 
c. was reading a magazine
d. read a megazine
e. has read a megazine

44. pete : “ how about having dinner with me tonight?” kate : “ thank you. I‟d love to.” From the dialogue above we conclude that ….
a. Kate declines the invitation
b. Pete want to have dinner
c. Kate love pete
d. Pete invites kate to have dinner together
 e. Pete make a date with kate

45. April : “ My brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of prominent university in America.” Ivone : “……….”
a. I‟m glad to hear that
b. I‟m sorry to know that
c. It‟s common
d. I‟m not surprise
e. I‟m not satisfied

46. How much instant porridge do you need to make the meat floss porridge
a. 250 cc 
b. 50 gram 
c. 1 spoon
d. 10 gram
e. 5 spoon

The reading text is for number 45 - 50

Meat Floss Porridge Ingredients
- 250 cc hot water
- 50 gram instant porridge
- 1 spoon soya sauce
- 1 spoon chili sauce
- 10 gram meat floss

Methot : 1. Put instant porridge into a bowl 2. paur 250 cc hot water, stir well, leave it for about 3 minutes until porridge thickened 3. add soya sauce and chili sauce car mush (ar you like) 4. then, spread crackers and meat floss the Porridge is ready to be served.

47. What should we do after stirring the porridge….
a. Put the instant porridge into  a bowl
b. Aad Soya sauce and chili sauce
c. Add crackers and meat floss
d. wait for about 3 minutes
e. add potatoes

48. “ ………………  until the porridge thickened What is the meaning of the italic word
a. To become solid
b. To get weak 
c. To raise the volume
d. to become powder
e. to become sald

49. what is the writing purpose of the text? ….
a. meat floss porridge
b. instant porridge
c. crackers and meat floss
d. instant floss
e. instant water

50. How many steps are there in the instruction? ….
a. 5 steps   
b. 4 steps 
c. 3 steps
d. 2 steps
 e. 6 steps

Demikianlah informasi yang bisa kami sampaikan, mudah-mudahan dengan adanya 50+ Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Genap ini para siswa akan lebih semangat lagi dalam belajar demi meraih prestasi yang lebih baik. Selamat belajar!!

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