Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Importance of Clean Air for Breathing"

Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Importance of Clean Air for Breathing" - Halo adik adik yang baik, kali ini kakak menyediakan materi Bahasa Inggris untuk menunjang proses belajar adik adik, materi ini kakak rangkum untuk adik adik kelas V SD/MI tentang pembahasan "Importance of Clean Air for Breathing" . Materi ini bisa adik adik pelajari karena dilengkapi dengan cara Reading, Write, Vocabulary dan Taks yang bisa adik adik kerjakan dirumah. Semoga bermanfaat untuk adik adik Salam pendidikan dari bospedia.com. Semoga bermanfaat.

Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Importance of Clean Air for Breathing"
Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Importance of Clean Air for Breathing"


The morning is cold. Edo has a neighbor who has asthma. The cold air made Husin’s grandfather difficult to breathe. Husin’s Grandfather will immediately spray medicine into his mouth. After that Husin’s grandfather would breathe normally again. Asthma is an airway obstruction caused by allergies. allergensn are cold air, hair, fur, dust.
The symptoms of asthma are :
  • Cough at night
  • Hard to breathe
  • Breath sounds
  • Chest feels heavy

On Sunday, in the Edo residence held mutual cooperation to clean the accumulated garbage. The smell of garbage has polluted the air in that environment. Before committing the mutual cooperation, the residents consulted to find a solution to garbage. The residents have found a garbage solution with providing 2 kinds of trash bins.

One the trash is used to accommodate a recyclable waste for example leaves. Then the waste is processed to make compost. The other trash is used to hold recyclable waste, such as a paper and bottle waste. The mutual cooperation is a form of responsibility to maintain environmental cleanliness.


Answer the following questions according to the text!

1. When is mutual cooperation done?
Answer: On Sunday

2. Where the mutual cooperation is carried out?
Answer: In the Edo house environment

3. Why the mutual coopeation is done?
Answer: Because the garbage has pollute the environment

4. Who does the mutual cooperation?
Answer: Residents

5. What are the result of the discussion?
Answer: providing 2 kinds of the trash bins


The Diseases of the Respiratory System

  • Influenza is a disease caused by influenza viruses with symptoms of sneezing, fever, and runny.
  • Emphysema is a lung disease that has swelling because the blood vessel in the lungs have air.
  • Asthma is a blockage of the respiratory system caused by dust allergies, feathers or weather changes.
  • Lung cancer, The cause of cancer is smoking.
  • Tuberculosis (TB), Due to the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, and the lungs will
  • become small.


Answer the following questions according to the text!

1. What is the cause of emphysema?
Answer: Because the blood vessels in the lungs have air

2. What is the causes of influenza disease?
Answer: Influenza viruses

3. What are the symptoms of influenza?
Answer: Sneezing, fever, and runny

4. What is the causes of lung cancer?
Answer: Smoking

5. What is the bacteria that cause tuberculosis?
Answer: Bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


During the day, Siti, Dayu and Edo walked together after school through the highway, then a car passed and let out black smoke.

Dayu: “We break friends”

Siti: “Come on, let’s take a break under the tree” They rest under the tree

Dayu: “Very fresh air under this tree” They immediately go to home


  • Udara: Air
  • Dingin: Cold
  • Tetangga: Neighbor
  • Asma: Asthma
  • Sulit: Difficult
  • Pernapasan: Breathing
  • Segera: Immediately
  • Semprot: Spray
  • Obat: Medicine
  • Jalan napas:Airway
  • Halangan: Obstruction
  • Bulu: Fur
  • Debu: Dust
  • Gejala: Symptoms
  • Batuk: Cough
  • Sulit: Hard
  • Bernapas: Breathe
  • Dada: Chest
  • Berat: Heavy
  • Residents: Warga
  • Mengadakan: Held
  • Gotong royong: Mutual cooperation
  • Bau: Smell
  • Sampah: Garbage
  • Mencemari: Polluted
  • Lingkungan: Enironment
  • Menyediakan: Providing
  • Tempat sampah: Trash bins
  • Menampung: Accommodate
  • Limbah: Waste
  • Daur ulang: Recycle
  • Diolah: Processed
  • Kompos: Compost
  • Tanggung jawab: Responsibility
  • Menjaga: Maintain
  • Kebersihan: Cleanliness
  • Penyakit: Diseases
  • Pernapasan: Respiratory
  • System: Sistem
  • Paru – paru: Lung
  • Pembengkakan: Swelling
  • Darah: Blood
  • Pembuluh: Vessel
  • Udara: Air
  • Halangan: Blockage
  • Penyebab: Cause
  • Debu: Dust
  • Alergi: Allergies
  • Bulu: Feathers
  • Perubahan: Changes
  • Gejala: Sympthoms
  • Bersin: Sneezing
  • Demam: Fever
  • Runny: Pilek
  • Merokok: Smoking
  • Berjalan: Walked
  • Bersama: Together
  • Jalan raya: Highway
  • Lewat: Passed
  • Mengeluarkan: Let out
  • Asap: Smoke
  • Istirahat: Break
  • Bawah: Under
  • Pohon: Tree
  • Segera: Immediately
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