Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Tobe ( Is, Am, Are ) "

Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Tobe ( Is, Am, Are ) " - Hai adik adik yang baik, pada kesempatan yang baik ini kakak telah selasai menyusun rangkuman dari mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Mengenai "Tobe ( Is, Am, Are ) " yang bisa dijadikan bahan rujukan adik adik . Materi ini bisa adik adik pelajari karena dilengkapi dengan cara Reading, Write, Vocabulary dan Taks yang bisa adik adik kerjakan dirumah. Semoga bermanfaat untuk adik adik Salam pendidikan dari bospedia.com. Semoga bermanfaat.

Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Tobe ( Is, Am, Are ) "
Materi Kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris "Tobe ( Is, Am, Are ) "


1. The environmental greening
Plants can absorb harmful gases for humans, plants can produce oxygen through photosynthesis. The way to do greening is to plant productive plants, shade, and ornamental plants.

2. Smoke-free movement
Cigarette smoke contains harmful particles as a source of air quality damage.

3. Manage waste properly
How to process the waste is to distinguish organic waste and inorganic waste. The organic waste can be processed into fertilizer, and the inorganic waste can be processed into craft materials.

4. Reduce the use of chemical
The Goods that use a freon gas arem refrigerator and air conditioner.


Answer the questions according to the text!

1. Mention the element that make thae air polluted!
Answer: Less green trees, Water cleanliness, vehicle fumes, Residual fumes of production

2. What is released by our body?
Answer: Carbon dioxide

3. What is the current condition of the river?
Answer: Contaminated with factory waste

4. Mention 2 ways to get the clean air?
Answer: Greening the environment, Smoke-free movement, Manage wasteproperly, Reduce the use of chemical gases that can damage ozone

5. What the plants do to produce an oxygen?
Answer: Photosynthesis

6. How to do the greening?
Answer: By planting productive plants, shade, and ornamental plants

7. How to process the garbage?
Answer: By distinguishing organic waste and inorganic waste

8. How to process the inorganic waste?
Answer: Processed into craft materials

9. How to process the organic waste?
Answer: Processed into fertilizer

10. Mention the items used by freon gas?
Answer: Refrigerator and air conditioner


Two days Udin didn't go to school because he sick. This afternoon after school Siti, Edo, Dayu, and Beni visited udin's house, they brought oranges to Udin.

Beni: “How are you, Udin?”

Udin: “I am not feeling well”

Siti: “Are you sick?”

Udin: “I have influenza ,three days my body has fever, runny and dizziness”
Then they go home because they don't want to disturb Udin's break


Racun: Tonic
Sisa: Residual
Didirikan: Established
Menghijaukan: Greening
Menyerap: Absorb
Fotosintesis: Photosynthesis
Peneduh: Shade
Mengelola: Manage
Membedakan: Distinguish
Pupuk: Fertilizer
Kerajinan: Craft
Kulkas: Refrigerator
Sakit kepala: Headache
Demam: Fever
Pilek: Runny
Pusing: Dizziness
Mengganggu: Disturb
Istirahat: Break
Berpengaruh: Affects
Mengandung: Contain
Berbahaya: Dangerous, harmful
Unsur: Elemen
Menyebabkan: Causes
Kurang: Less
Pohon: Tree
Mengeluarkan: Remove
Memberikan: Provides
Saat ini: Currently
Sumber: Source
Tercemar: Contaminated
Pabrik: Factory
Limbah: Waste
Hilang: Lost
Kualitas: Quality
Kendaraan: Vehicle
Asap: Fumes

Choose am, is, or are to complete the sentence!

1. We ............... Indonesian.

2. They ....... Studying in the class.

3. I ...... A student.

4. She ..... A good student.

5. He .... Your brother.

6. Udin .... Not here at the moment.

7...... You okay?

8. You ..... So sad today!

9. She ..... Your aunt.

10. We ....... Chilldren.

Answare :

1. are

2. are

3. are

4. are

5. Are

6. is

7. is

8. is

9. is

10. am

Choose am, is, or are to complete the sentence!

1. She............... A girl.

2. The cars ...... In the showroom.

3. My sister ..... A teacher.

4. He .... Twelve years old.

5. Lala .... Good student.

6. You ..... From jakarta.

7. She ..... My mother.

8. Mr rudi .... My father.

9. My friends .... Sick today.

10. His brother.... At work.

Answare :

1. is

2. is

3. is

4. is

5. is

6. is

7. is

8. is

9. is

10. is

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