Lengkap - 30+ Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru

30+ Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru - Halo adik adik yang baik, nah pada kesempatan yang baik ini kakak ingin membagikan beberapa contoh soal yang mungkin akan dibutuhkan adik adik, soal kali ini adalah soal dari mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang disusun untuk soal UTS Semester genap atau semester 2. Kakak juga telah menyediakan kunci jawaban disetiap soal baik itu soal pilihan ganda maupun soal Essay.

30+ Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru
30+ Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru

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Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA

30+ Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru - Bagi sahabat bospedia dimana saja berada yang ingin sekali mempelajari Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA ini, adik adik bisa menguduh materi ini di bospedia dalam bentuk file doc. Berikut ini adalah rincian Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA Semester 2.. SELAMAT MENGUNDUH YAA...

Berikut bospedia memberikan Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA

1. Tulis namamu di sudut kanan atas
2. Bacalah setiap soal dengan teliti.
3. Kerjakan dulu soal yang kamu anggap mudah.
4. Periksa kembali pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan pada pengawas.

A. Berilah tanda silang (x) didepan huruf a,b atau c didepan jawaban yang benar !

Text 1 (for question number 1-7)
 Once there was a husband and his wife who had a baby. They had a dog named Bony. It was a
very smart dog and faithful to them. The dog used to take care of the baby while were working in
the rice field.
 One afternoon, while working in the field, they heard Bony barking. It was running toward
them. It’s mouth smeared with blood. The husband shocked and thought that it had killed their
baby. Suddenly he took his sickle and threw it to the dog. It hit the dog’s had and the dog head
and the dog fell down and died.
 Hurriedly they got home and saw the baby sleeping. When the husband looked around in the
baby’s room, he found a big snake lying on the floor. It was dead and blood spilled everywhere. It
seemed the dog had killed the snake and the killed his faithful dog.
1. Who was Bony? Bonny was……….
a. the husband’s name
b. the wife’s name
c. the bay’s name
d. the dog’s name
e. the snake’s name

2. Why was the dog running toward the couple?
a. because it afraid of snake
b. because it was hurt
c. because the dog wanted some foods.
d. because the dog wanted to tell that something dangerous almost happened in
their home.
e. because a snake wanted to catch it.

3. ……finally killed by the husband.
a. the baby
b. the snake
c. the wife
d. the dog
e. the couple

4. The snake was killed by…………………
a. the dog
b. the husband
c. the wife
d. the child
e. the baby

 5. Was the baby hurt by the dog?
 a. yes, it is
 b. yes, it was
 c. no, it did
d. no was not
e. no, it doesn’t

 6. “Suddenly, he took his sickle …..”(paragraph 2, sentence 5). The word suddenly
has the same meaning with the word………………
a. usually
b. quietly
c. Quickly
d. angrily
e. hungrily

 7. Why was the husband shocked? Because………………
 a. He thought that the dog hurt killed his baby
 b. he was sick
 c. he saw a snake
 d. he saw a dog died
 e. his wife fell down

8. A : “What kind of the narrative is it?”
 B : “It is……….”
 a. romance
 b. adventure
 c. science fiction
 d. mystery
 e. Folktale

9. I …………..to the mall last week
a. went
b. go
c. Gone
d. goes
e. have gone

10. Lisa : Do you mind turning on the fan for me ?
Mita : …………………..
a. no, thank you
b. yes, I do
c. l’d love to
d. not at all
e.yes, please

11. Dicky : may I can to your house at 7 tonight ?
Anne : ….. I will be going somewhere with my friend at that time.
a.yes, that’s all right
b.yes, indeed
c. l’m afraid not
d. not at all
e. why not

 Tuesday evening
 March 8, 2008
Dear Olga,
 It is a (12) ….. to read your letter and to know about the music program at your university. I’ll
be (13) ….. to go with you. My bus (14) ….. be at your school at 4 o’clock on Saturday. If you
don’t mind, I’d like you (15) ….. me at the bus station. See you on Saturday.

12. a. happy
 b. regret
 c. nice
 d. pleasure
 e. pleased

13. a. sad
 b. sorry
 c. happy
 d. happily
 e. worried

14. a. can
 b. will
 c. should
 d. must

15. a. met
 b. meet
 c. meets
 d. meeting
 e. to meet


Baca juga

1. does – a sence – i – think – her idea – make – not
Jawaban: I think her idea does not make a sense

2. don’t – ideas – your – agree – I – with – too – it’s – complicated
Jawaban: I don’t agree with your ideas. It’s too complicated

3. doesn’t – me – she – with – agree
Jawaban: She doesn’t agree with me

4. our – you – do – think – about – what – teacher  - ?   – new – English
Jawaban: What do you think about or new English teacher?

5.  go – there - ! – is – there – don’t – warning – a – dangerous
Jawaban: There is a dangerous warning, don’t go there!

6. on – the – sign – gate – the – what – does – say - ?
Jawaban: What does the sign on the gate say?

7. that – should – never – you – up – give – think – I
Jawaban: I think that you should never give up

8. you – about – how – Ellen - ?
Jawaban: How about you Ellen?

9. do – think – you – what – Adi - ?
Jawaban: What do you think, Adi?

10. opinion – in – my – go – to – should – doctor – the – they
Jawaban: In my opinion, they should go to the doctor

Answer the questions briefly

11. Mentions some elements in a short story!
Jawaban: Plot, setting, characterization, theme

12. Mention types of conflict in a shorty story!
Jawaban: Type of conflict in a short stroy:
- External conflict:
a. man vs man
b. man vs nature
c. man vs self
- Internal conflict
Man vs self

13. what is meant by resolution?
Jawaban: resolution is how to solve the problems

14. Mention tpes of ending in a short story?
- happy ending
- happy and sad ending

15. Write 2 sentences of asking for an opinion, giving for an opinion, and showing warning?
a. Asking opinion
- What dou think of our new English teacher
- Sam, what do you say about Mr. Trian, our new headmater?
- What’s your idea about the movie Warkop Reborn?

Demikianlah informasi yang bisa kami sampaikan, mudah-mudahan dengan adanya 30+ Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru ini para siswa akan lebih semangat lagi dalam belajar demi meraih prestasi yang lebih baik. Selamat belajar!!

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